Why Girls are Awesome

It’s a dark and stormy night. The kids and I are camped out in the living room so we can be together during the thunder.

The P is already asleep, but the Princess is not at all tired. We chat about the picture on our wall. One is of my husband and me at our wedding.

The Princess snuggles next to me and says, “Tell me all about your wedding.”

Is this a ploy to stay up longer? Obviously. Is it effective? Of course.

And that’s why girls are awesome.


That’s True Though

The P is pretty honest. He confessed that he played a prank on a girl at school.

Trying to gauge the severity of the prank, I ask what the girl’s face looked like when she found she had been pranked.

He said, “Kinda funny surprised”

“Could you show me with your face?”

“Um. No. Girls are too complicated.”

Overheard at the Park

Little Girl at Park: Hey – do you want this to be the girl playground and that one can be the boy playground?

The Princess: Yeah!

Little Girl at Park:  We can be princesses.

The Princess: OK.  I have to leave in three minutes.

Little Girl at the Park: Well, we are going to have a parade and a tea party.

The Princess: Um, I can stay for the parade. 

Big News…

Godzilla lives.

I was feeling pretty confident when our/my little brother’s box turtle survived the hot Texas summer…but I became worried when December came, and it was so very cold.  I had plans to move him to an indoor aquarium or Rubbermaid container (That’s legit.  Check out turtle care sites.), but it got too cold before I could put together a cat-proof box.

So it was either possible death by cold, or certain death by cat.

What we did was put lots and lots of dried leaves in Godzilla’s enclosure.  We added more before each cold snap.  He burrowed under the leaves and buried himself in the dirt just a bit for several weeks, emerging to eat when it warmed up.

I checked on him throughout the winter.  I was so preoccupied, in fact, that my sister encouraged me to give up my turtle checking for Lent since it seemed to take up so much of my time.

The problem with checking on Godzilla in the winter is that when he’s half buried in the dirt, he kind of looks dead.  It’s hard to tell.  But earlier this week, he was out and about.  I actually saw his face.  Hurrah!

More later…maybe with an update on the kids…

A Festivus…


We went to an event at saw Frosty today.

Also, I told the kids about Festivus. Festivus is tomorrow.

The P seemed really excited about the airing of grievances. I’m interested to know what he’s been holding back.

We will try to post about Festivus tomorrow.

Sometimes dogs do that

This week, The Princess came home with the following story:

“Today, I played peek-a-boo with Molly. ”
(Molly is grandma’s dog who is blind. Can’t see a thing.)

“Really?,” I said, “How did that go?”

“She just looked at me,” She shrugged, “Sometimes dogs do that.”

Here, The P makes friends with the Salvation Army bell ringing dog. Our kids just love dogs.