Christmas Wishes

Our P had not made an official Christmas list as far as I was aware, so I asked him on the way home one night what he thought he might want. This was his list:

Transformer coloring books, but the kind with not just pictures, but mazes and stuff, too.
A satchel with superhero logos.
A spy backpack.

Follow up questions:

Me: Dear, what’s a satchel?
P: It’s like a purse, but it’s for boys and you carry it over you shoulder, like this. (We were driving, so I didn’t see it either.)

Yes. My son wants a European Carry-all.

Me: What do you mean by spy backpack?
P: Like a backpack, but the sides come out like cup holders and you can hide stuff in there. And a zipper could come around like this. (Again, driving in the dark. No idea what he’s doing with his hands.)
Me: Is this something you saw?
P: No. Do you think we could make it?
Me: Draw me a picture.

Do I really think we will make a spy backpack? No. I don’t. This conversation happened a month ago and I still haven’t seen a picture.

But I did find an old brown camera case that could very possibly be a European Carry-all. And this week I’ll purchase felt so we can try to make our own superhero patches together on Christmas Day. I’ll post pictures if it turns out cute.

How can you say no to coloring books and superhero patches?

And yesterday, I gave the princess an early present: a set of hair clips. For about 5 minutes she carried them around going, “Ohhh. Aaawwwe. Wow. “. This might be the best Christmas so far.


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