Crumbs of wisdom

Every morning, the Princess asks for a waffle for breakfast. I’m not sure if she really likes waffles or if it’s just because it’s the only breakfast food she knows how to say.

Nevertheless, every morning, we fix her a waffle. It’s great because if I’m running behind, my 6-year-old can toast a waffle for her.

The other day, they were sitting at the table, the Princess with her waffle, the P with his oatmeal, when tragedy struck.

She dropped the waffle. She got off the chair to pick it up – 5 second rule, right? Except that it takes about a minute and a half for Princess to climb in and out of chairs. So, I scooped up the waffle and explained, “It’s dirty. I’ll make you a new one.”

The Princess lost it. I broke her heart by tossing her waffle.

While I was reassuring her and remaking breakfast, I hear my son tell her, “Listen, dropping your waffle on the floor shouldn’t ruin your day.”

It didn’t actual help the 2-year-old heartbreak, but it made me smile.


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