About a Word a Day

The Princess gave us a language scare a few months back. I had been unofficially counting her words, like you’re supposed to and I noticed a few words had dropped off the radar. But, when I say a few words, I mean, she only had, like, five. So if she dropped a few, that means she went down to, two or three.

I casually mentioned this to my best friend/pediatrician and she’s like, “Yeah, you really need to watch that and if she loses any more words, call your pediatrician and make an appointment right away.”

I did really well. I did not freak out. I just stepped up my word counting.

I made an excel spreadsheet.

A couple of times per month, I would keep the spreadsheet opened all day and if I heard or thought of another word that the Princess had said in the past two weeks, I would add it to the list. As a result, at our 18 month checkup, when the doctor asked me about how many words she says, I said, “Seventeen.”

He said, “You are the first parent I’ve ever had who knows the exact number.”

I told him, “I made a list.”

He was impressed.

Anyway, the Princess never lost any more words. Every month she gained one or two and in the past two weeks, it’s been like a language explosion. It’s almost like she was afraid to say anything wrong so now that she has a bit of confidence, all these little phrases are pouring out.

There are still a few words that do not connect with reality, as far as we can tell. My sister is still “Duh.” My husband’s sister is “Yaya.” And milk is “Nga-Nga”

But, the other day, she went to the refrigerator and asked for some “moat.” I opened the door and looked all around and couldn’t see anything that seemed like “moat.” So I asked her, “What is moat?”

She goes, “Nga-Nga.”

Seriously? So, she used the “baby talk” word that I knew to communicate what she meant by the real word that she can almost say?

It makes me wish I was working on my masters in Linguistics because I don’t think I would have to go to far for good language development examples. This stuff is amazing.

20120124-214737.jpgThe Princess in her new scarf, made by a sweet friend at work.


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