House of Mirth

Three weeks ago, I promised sleepover stories, when I caught up on sleep.

It took three whole weeks.

The morning after the sleepover, in the middle of church, a pain began in my side that I immediately recognized as a kidney stone. It got much worse as the day went on.

That Monday, my NP diagnosed a kidney infection. I was on a strong antibiotic for 10 days. Today was my first day without any pain medicine.

In the days following my kidney diagnosis, the children took turns being ill. We had 105 degree fevers, vomiting, loss of appetite, and I think I understand what malaise is now. They continued to be diagnosed with “just a virus” which means you wait it out.

What all this means is, sleepover stories have gone by the wayside, but I’m bringing them back today.

We had Aunt Yaya and the P’s best friend over to sleep over and it was pretty much fun.  Yaya played with The Princess and played cards.  The boys played well with each other for short burst of time followed by mini-breakdowns of “I never want to see you again!”  In the end, they are still besties.

The best part was bedtime.  About 9pm, we told the boys it was time for bed.  They each took a couch, blanket and pillow.

At 10pm, they were still giggling.

At 10:30, I heard some wood creaking under little boy feet and I heard one of them whisper, “We are going to get in trouble for this…”

I decided to see what was going on.

As soon as I turned the corner, both little boys leaped back onto their couches.

This was cause for some rearrangement.  The P came to sleep on our floor and Little M stayed on his couch.  On the way to our room, The P said, “But, I said we were going to stay up all night!  I promised!”

They were both asleep within 5 minutes of the split.

The next day, we made the Princess “Blue Castle Cakes” because that’s what she wanted for her birthday.  When she first asked for a Blue Castle Cake, I had big Pintrest worthy plans.  When the time came, I realized she is two, and my time is limited.  So we made blue cupcakes with blue frosting (from scratch…which was so easy and tasted way better than canned frosting.) in silver cupcake wrappers.  The Princess thought they were 24 little blue castles.  And she can’t even count that high yet, so for her, it was like an infinite number of little blue castles.  Yummy.

Easy Homeade Frosting (this is a couple of recipes I found, combined):

1 Stick of softened butter (to soften the butter, keep it near the oven while you bake the cupcakes.)
About 1/3 pound of confectioners sugar
food coloring

Beat it

If you have a little Princess who is terrified of the mixer, let her Aunt Yaya hold her in the other room until you are done.

This is enough for 24 lightly-frosted cupcakes.  Because they were lightly frosted, they were low-fat.  I should write a health cookbook.

Since we are talking about The Princess’ birthday, here is a picture of her on her birthday:

She got a lot of books.

More later!  I have a lot of stories to catch up on.


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