Let’s Go Drag a Kite


This weekend started with another round of illness, so we were cooped up for several hours for a second weekend.
The kids took turns picking shows which means we alternated between Shaun the Sheep and Fairly Odd Parents.
I told the P that I had not picked a show in about 6 years. He agreed that I should get a couple of picks. I chose Annie first. It was not as kid friendly as I remembered.
By the late afternoon, the P promised he was feeling better and asked if we could fly his kite. We have a lot of empty space next to the house, so we didn’t have to drive anywhere. I agreed that we could try it…
The hard part was convincing him that kites require wind. He was pretty sure he could just run and that would be the same.
Turns out, maybe he wasn’t as well as he thought because the running didn’t last long.
We were back inside watching Annie in a matter of minutes. Then Fraggle Rock, which was as good as I remembered. You can’t go wrong with Jim Henson.


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