First Documented Haircut

This was not The Princess’ first haircut. I was bad and did not take a picture of that event. But it looked something like this. A dear friend at church cut it both times.

I didn’t take a picture of the first time because she was in my lap crying.

This was haircut two. She did much better.

She didn’t cry when the boy after her got his head shaved.

She was completely okay until brother got his haircut with the noisy clippers. We don’t like noises near our loved ones…or at all.


I made it through kindergarten graduation without bawling.


I only cried a little.


They led with a slide show accompanied by a song I had never heard before. It was a woman singing, “don’t ever grow up,” and other similar heart wrenching lyrics. I just tuned it out and stayed strong.

Then all 80 kindergarteners, in unison, recited the cutest poem:

“Remember last fall
We were so small
Look at us now
We’ve grown so tall…”

That kind of thing.

I stayed strong.

Then, they all sang the song “New York, New York” with lyrics altered for a kindergarten graduation.

“Start spreading the news,
We’re leaving today.
We want to be a part of it
First grade, First grade”

It continued.

Due to technical difficulties, they sang this song 3 times.

At the end of the last song, the P’s best girl friend sang a solo. That’s when I lost it a little.

My dad pointed out that we only have six more graduations to go: 6th grade, junior high, high school, college, med school, and law school.

None of those could be as cute as this one was.

Did you know that every time a Texas high school student asks, “Why is it called Six Flags?” a fairy dies.

The P is finally tall enough to ride almost everything at Six Flags so we invested in a season pass so that he and BabyDaddy can go anytime they have a free afternoon or evening.

For those of you who see The P on a regular basis, he does not know how the pass works. Please do not tell him he can go any day. We told him that we know which days he can go, and we will let him know when those days are as they happen.

The boys went for the first time last Friday. Among other things, they rode the Giant. BabyDaddy said the new Giant is intense and fun.

Immediately after the Giant, The P threw his hands up and said “That was awesome! I am never doing that again!”




This is The Princess after her morning nap at work.

This morning, she went to BabyDaddy’s office and picked up a mini stapler.

Princess: Daddy, is this little or big?

BabyDaddy: What do you think?

Princess: I think it is big.

BabyDaddy: What about you? Are you little or big?

Princess: I am little, but I am trying to get big.

Our Budding Picasso

The P drew this. It’s part of a series about a super hero he made up.

His name is Gwis.

In this picture of Gwis at rest, you can still see his biceps.

He is a good guy. We are not sure why he has a frowny face on his pajamas. The artist himself says it does not mean anything.

The nose is modeled after David Shannon’s autobiographical children’s books. We can relate with young David.

But the bunny slippers and relaxed eyebrows are my favorites.

A New Addition

Soon, our family of five (mom, dad, sister, brother, cat) will become six.


Meet Godzilla.

He’s shy.

He is Pfc.’s turtle. Pfc. is away for a while so we get to keep Godzilla.

We have a big backyard. It’s pretty much a mess, so I wanted to do something to make it prettier and give Godzilla a safe place to play.


So I dug a pit in the yard.


Then I lined the inside with bricks.


Then, I made a box to fit on top to keep Godzilla in.


Then, with help from my 6 year old, I placed the box over the turtle pit.

I got the plans for my turtle house from and this site and this site. Our turtle pen is a hybrid of these three designs.

This week, we will add a screened lid and plant some yummy herbs that Godzilla can eat.

Also, we will find something to do with the extra 24 feet of cedar we have left over…

Pictures to come.