There Is No “I” In “Team” (now, we just have to learn to spell)

Last Spring, The P played T-ball. We had a wonderful coach, great teammates. It was a really great experience.

I learned 2 things:
1. Some sport parents are crazy.
2. T-ball involves a whole lot of standing around.

After The P’s first game, on the way to the car he asked, “Can I call my dad?”

Oh, how cute. He wants to call to say that he scored a run, or hit the ball, or something, you know, sports related.

This is what he says:

Daddy, guess what? I found a lady bug!

We have tried to tape the games for BabyDaddy. Most of what we have is The P spinning in circles in the outfield.

This year, we are trying soccer. It is more our pace. And our son really likes it. And I like the idea of possibly attending indoor soccer games some day. Have you noticed baseball is always outside? This is no good.


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