A New Addition

Soon, our family of five (mom, dad, sister, brother, cat) will become six.


Meet Godzilla.

He’s shy.

He is Pfc.’s turtle. Pfc. is away for a while so we get to keep Godzilla.

We have a big backyard. It’s pretty much a mess, so I wanted to do something to make it prettier and give Godzilla a safe place to play.


So I dug a pit in the yard.


Then I lined the inside with bricks.


Then, I made a box to fit on top to keep Godzilla in.


Then, with help from my 6 year old, I placed the box over the turtle pit.

I got the plans for my turtle house from Ana-white.com and this site and this site. Our turtle pen is a hybrid of these three designs.

This week, we will add a screened lid and plant some yummy herbs that Godzilla can eat.

Also, we will find something to do with the extra 24 feet of cedar we have left over…

Pictures to come.


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