Number of times Godzilla flipped over the first day: 4
Number of times Godzilla has flipped over today: 2
Number of tomatoes we’ve given Godzilla: 1
Number of tomatoes Godzilla has eaten: 0

Godzilla does seem to like fresh mint and canned turtle food.

Progress made on nightstand kitchenette for Bible study kids: lots.

I had some drilling to do before the kids could paint some more, and while I was drilling, the sweetest little 6-year-old boy came in to watch.

He said, “This is for your little girl?”

I said, “No, this is for you to play with here at the church.”

He smiled really big and stuck around to help us paint the burners and inside of the oven door.

I hope we can have our grand kitchenette opening next week. Pictures to come.


The Tomatoes Live

We have had 6 tomatoes so far. The Princess ate one and said, “I do not like these.” The P picked his and left them on the counter. I ended up eating all of them myself, which is fine considering I was the only one watering them.

But now, we are close to having three more tomatoes ready, and I have a new friend to share them:
Here’s Godzilla. He lives in our backyard.

Look to the left.

Look to the right.

Godzilla moved in on Saturday at 4:00. By 8am the next morning, I had found him on his back 4 times and 25% more of my hair has turned gray.

We are hoping the flipping ends soon. Sunday, he didn’t flip during the day, but he also didn’t eat or move. By the evening, he was eating, and I found him soaking this morning. That’s good, I suppose.

If any turtle lovers find this blog and have any suggestions, please share.

First Letterbox

We found a letterbox! We are so excited.

What’s a letterbox? We didn’t know until about two weeks ago. Now we are building our summer curriculum around making these letterboxes for other people to find.

Read about letterboxing here.

This summer, The P wants to learn about dinosaurs, astronauts, and coral reefs, so he said every time we learn something cool about one of those topics, we should make a stamp and book for a new letterbox.

I love this idea, although I was not looking for a new hobby.

In other monomania news, the turtle hut is almost done:


Godzilla should be able to move in this weekend. Yeah! (Did you notice how I blurred the picture so you can’t see all the loose bricks in the yard? The P was trying to make a ramp for his bike and I was too tired to clean it up before taking this shot. Or after. Or the following morning.

Let’s face it. Those bricks will probably never move.

The Big Secret

The P and I were going to Wendy’s to pickup lunch the other day. We were discussing what drinks they have available.

The P doesn’t care for carbonated drinks, so we do a lot of juices and lemonades. Wendy’s doesn’t carry juice, so I reminded him that they have lemonade.

A block or so later, The P prepares to drop the bombshell, “Mom, I’ve been keeping a secret from you for a long, long time.”

Woah. “Ok, Buddy. You can tell me anything.”

“I don’t like lemonade.”