First Letterbox

We found a letterbox! We are so excited.

What’s a letterbox? We didn’t know until about two weeks ago. Now we are building our summer curriculum around making these letterboxes for other people to find.

Read about letterboxing here.

This summer, The P wants to learn about dinosaurs, astronauts, and coral reefs, so he said every time we learn something cool about one of those topics, we should make a stamp and book for a new letterbox.

I love this idea, although I was not looking for a new hobby.

In other monomania news, the turtle hut is almost done:


Godzilla should be able to move in this weekend. Yeah! (Did you notice how I blurred the picture so you can’t see all the loose bricks in the yard? The P was trying to make a ramp for his bike and I was too tired to clean it up before taking this shot. Or after. Or the following morning.

Let’s face it. Those bricks will probably never move.


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