The Tomatoes Live

We have had 6 tomatoes so far. The Princess ate one and said, “I do not like these.” The P picked his and left them on the counter. I ended up eating all of them myself, which is fine considering I was the only one watering them.

But now, we are close to having three more tomatoes ready, and I have a new friend to share them:
Here’s Godzilla. He lives in our backyard.

Look to the left.

Look to the right.

Godzilla moved in on Saturday at 4:00. By 8am the next morning, I had found him on his back 4 times and 25% more of my hair has turned gray.

We are hoping the flipping ends soon. Sunday, he didn’t flip during the day, but he also didn’t eat or move. By the evening, he was eating, and I found him soaking this morning. That’s good, I suppose.

If any turtle lovers find this blog and have any suggestions, please share.


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