Number of times Godzilla flipped over the first day: 4
Number of times Godzilla has flipped over today: 2
Number of tomatoes we’ve given Godzilla: 1
Number of tomatoes Godzilla has eaten: 0

Godzilla does seem to like fresh mint and canned turtle food.

Progress made on nightstand kitchenette for Bible study kids: lots.

I had some drilling to do before the kids could paint some more, and while I was drilling, the sweetest little 6-year-old boy came in to watch.

He said, “This is for your little girl?”

I said, “No, this is for you to play with here at the church.”

He smiled really big and stuck around to help us paint the burners and inside of the oven door.

I hope we can have our grand kitchenette opening next week. Pictures to come.


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