Let the Games Begin…

Best Quotes during the opening ceremonies:

The P: Mom! I just saw Abraham Lincoln.
Me: No, I don’t think you did.
The P: Well, it was George Washington or somebody.


The P: (when the glowing Olympic rings formed over the arena) I’m crying, and I don’t know why.

I’m sure there will be more in the coming days. He is getting into this Olympics thing. Stay tuned.



Okay. This is weird.


Four people live in our house.

We have a lot more than four toothbrushes.

I was cleaning the bathroom, and I found three more elsewhere on the counter after I took the first picture.


Then, I was unpacking an overnight bag a few minutes later and found:


Two more.

In part, I know why this happens. We take The Princess to the dentist every three months. They always give her a new toothbrush. But because we buy her one every so often, too, and we rotate which one we use, they don’t wear out so fast.

Then, when we go to the store, the kids ask for stuff all the time. I say no, except to healthy choices, like fruit and toothbrushes. I figure, if they like their toothbrush choices, they will be more likely to like to brush their teeth. And toothbrushes are cheap. You can get a four pack for a dollar. Why say no to a toothbrush? I say no to cokes and candy.

It might be getting out of hand. I’m a little afraid something bad will happen to us, someone will come to clean out our house, and all they will say is, “They seemed so normal. Why were they hoarding all those toothbrushes?”

What’s the total count? I threw away every toothbrush that had the slightest sign of wear, and we still have 15.

I think that’s quite enough. Maybe I’ll try to divert the kids’ attention to floss next.

What do your kids do at work all day?

I only have a couple of FAQs in my life.  This one comes up during this type of conversation:

Random Person: Oh, you work full-time.  What do your kids do?

Me: They spend some days at their Grandma’s house, and some days they get to come with me to work.

Random Person: What?  What do they do they do at work all day?

Well, this week, I’m answering that question…with pictures.

They do clerical odd jobs:


Sorting envelopes together

They make crafts:


The Princess shows off her Riddler mask, custom made for her by her brother.

They search for Waldo:


The P explains the concept of “Where’s Waldo” to The Princess.

They generally have a good time:


There you have it.  A day in the life of The Princess and The P.

Busy Summer

I haven’t posted anything recently.

It’s because The Princess has turned into


a zombie.

No one could have predicted that.

We had some work done on our bathroom this week, so we went to stay with Papa John.  This was so fun.  I asked The Princess to make a list in her head of things she needed to sleep with.  Immediately, she said,

“Blanket, blanket, and blanket.”

I said, “You need three blankets?”

She said, “No, just one.”

She was right, though.  That blanket is pretty important.

She wasn’t throwing a fit in that picture, by the way.  Since she copies everything that her brother does, when her brother screamed for no good reason, she did, too, and I had to document that little screechy face.

The real reason I haven’t posted much is because summer is crazy busy and most of the good stories are about potty training or other things that I’m sure my kids don’t want floating out on the internet for all eternity for high school friends to find.

Zombie picture?  She should be proud of that.