Busy Summer

I haven’t posted anything recently.

It’s because The Princess has turned into


a zombie.

No one could have predicted that.

We had some work done on our bathroom this week, so we went to stay with Papa John.  This was so fun.  I asked The Princess to make a list in her head of things she needed to sleep with.  Immediately, she said,

“Blanket, blanket, and blanket.”

I said, “You need three blankets?”

She said, “No, just one.”

She was right, though.  That blanket is pretty important.

She wasn’t throwing a fit in that picture, by the way.  Since she copies everything that her brother does, when her brother screamed for no good reason, she did, too, and I had to document that little screechy face.

The real reason I haven’t posted much is because summer is crazy busy and most of the good stories are about potty training or other things that I’m sure my kids don’t want floating out on the internet for all eternity for high school friends to find.

Zombie picture?  She should be proud of that.


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