What do your kids do at work all day?

I only have a couple of FAQs in my life.  This one comes up during this type of conversation:

Random Person: Oh, you work full-time.  What do your kids do?

Me: They spend some days at their Grandma’s house, and some days they get to come with me to work.

Random Person: What?  What do they do they do at work all day?

Well, this week, I’m answering that question…with pictures.

They do clerical odd jobs:


Sorting envelopes together

They make crafts:


The Princess shows off her Riddler mask, custom made for her by her brother.

They search for Waldo:


The P explains the concept of “Where’s Waldo” to The Princess.

They generally have a good time:


There you have it.  A day in the life of The Princess and The P.


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