Okay. This is weird.


Four people live in our house.

We have a lot more than four toothbrushes.

I was cleaning the bathroom, and I found three more elsewhere on the counter after I took the first picture.


Then, I was unpacking an overnight bag a few minutes later and found:


Two more.

In part, I know why this happens. We take The Princess to the dentist every three months. They always give her a new toothbrush. But because we buy her one every so often, too, and we rotate which one we use, they don’t wear out so fast.

Then, when we go to the store, the kids ask for stuff all the time. I say no, except to healthy choices, like fruit and toothbrushes. I figure, if they like their toothbrush choices, they will be more likely to like to brush their teeth. And toothbrushes are cheap. You can get a four pack for a dollar. Why say no to a toothbrush? I say no to cokes and candy.

It might be getting out of hand. I’m a little afraid something bad will happen to us, someone will come to clean out our house, and all they will say is, “They seemed so normal. Why were they hoarding all those toothbrushes?”

What’s the total count? I threw away every toothbrush that had the slightest sign of wear, and we still have 15.

I think that’s quite enough. Maybe I’ll try to divert the kids’ attention to floss next.


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