No Fish!

This is about our cat.

This is our useless cat on our roof, but this post is not about that.

We have a black cat.  Her name is Fish.  That is her real name.

She used to be an indoor cat, but a few months ago, she got out and really, really liked it.  She came back that night.  The next day, she got out again.  She came home at night.  We started to like this arrangement.  She likes it, too.

But then October hit.  We parents started to worry that someone might snatch our black cat because of Halloween and, while she is really annoying, we do want to protect her.

So in mid-October, I told the P, “Now some people think black cats are bad, so someone might try to take Fish and maybe hurt her if we let her out right now.  She needs to stay inside until Halloween is over.”

That’s all I said.

Later that morning, Fish got out, of course.  The P ran out to get her.  The Princess, who I had not said anything to about Halloween or black cats, leaned out the door and said, “Come back Fish!  You could be killed!”

She’s a little dramatic.

But I think she gets it from her brother.


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