What do princesses wear?

So, this is a little belated.

It’s the beginning of October, I ask the kids what they want to be for Halloween.

The P: A man with a mask.  A mask that you will knit with holes in the eyes.

The Princess: A Princess.

I’m an experienced mom.  I know that I can’t purchase costumes based on this one conversation.

Later in the month, I ask again. I get the same answer.  Consistency is good.

Now, I do knit, but I only knit scarves.  And it takes me about 6 months to make a scarf.  There’s no chance I could learn to make a knitted face mask in a month.  So I told the P I would try to sew together some kind of mask.  He said this would be okay.

I asked the Princess what Princesses wear.  She says: Tutus.

Awesome.  We have lots of tutus.  Halloween will be easy.

A week later, I try to figure out how I will stitch together a mask.  I ask the P again, what are you going to be?

The P: Spiderman.  I already have the costume.

Of course he does.  He’s been Spiderman for the last 6 of his 7 Halloweens!

Me: No mask?

The P: No.  I don’t need a mask anymore.

Hurrah!  Halloween will be so very easy!

Then, Grandma calls, “The Princess says she will be a princess for Halloween and that you are sewing her a blue dress on your sewing machine.”

This is not what we had agreed to.  I explain to Grandma how princesses wear tutus.

Grandma tells the Princess that she already has a pretty purple dress.  The Princess explains that princesses wear blue.


The next day, we go to a book fair.  The fire alarm goes off (it’s only a drill) but we have to leave quickly.  We grab the first book we see and check out.

Later, we find out one of the characters is a princess…in a purple dress.  Our princess is convinced.

And Halloween is saved.

It really was very easy.


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