What we really wore on Halloween

A few days ago, I explained the costume picking process that my kids went through.

Well, they really did wear the princess and Spiderman costumes the weekend before Halloween.  We went to a Fall Festival.

Evidence:But on the day of Halloween, things went a little differently.

For one thing, it was a spirit week at school.  That specific day was something like “Time Warp” day, but they didn’t call it that.  Everyone was to dress up in a sort of period costume from whatever period they liked.

The P wanted to dress up like he was from the 70’s, because he doesn’t really know what those clothes looked or felt like.

We don’t own anything that looks like it was worn in the 70’s.

So, that Wednesday morning, we did what it turns out lots of other 1st grader moms did: we put him in a white T-shirt with jeans, slicked his hair over and told him that he was the Fonz.

He has never seen Happy Days, but thought this was awesome, until on the way to school he found out that this is not what they wore in the 70’s.

Later, we ran into some serious trick-or-treaters and took this photo that will probably make me laugh for the rest of my life:

That’s my boy.

Then, for church that night, there was a Superhero party.  It would have made sense to change back into Superman for the Superhero party, but our hair was too cool to get smashed by the mask.  So, we decided that the Fonz might be a superhero.

The Princess did not want to wear her Princess dress.  It was too much trouble, I guess.  So she put on boots.  I told her she was Nancy Sinatra.

So, Nancy Sinatra fed this little dog some Skittles.  Then we all went to the Superhero party at church.

And no one else was dressed in our costumes.  Imagine that.


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