You want to know about us? That is so special.

Please meet:

The princess:


And the P:


You know how you tell someone a funny story about your kid, and they ask, “Now, are you writing all this down?”

Well, I finally am. And you get to read it, too.

Who’s who:

The Husband/BabyDaddy- his role seems self-explanatory.

On his side:
Grandma- my dear mother-in-law who keeps the kids while I work.
Papadaddy- the P explains that he is a “grandma-husband.”

Yaya- My husband’s sister

On my side:
Mimi – my dear mother
Grandpa – a “Mimi-husband.”

(yes-we have a grandma on my husband’s side and a grandpa on my side and it confuses even me. Some things just turn out that way.)

Shirley – my sister. She said she wanted a nickname. The Princess calls my sister, “Duh,” for reasons unknown. But, as funny as that is to me, I can’t really promote the Duh nickname. Who knows what creative retaliation she would find. My sister has super curly hair, so we’ll call her Shirley (Get it?).

Pfc. – my brother. He’s in the army but comes back to visit.

Tatum – That’s me. I’m in my very early thirties, and I like to write.

Thanks for stopping by! Check back for more stories about being fun stuff my kids say and fun stuff that we’ve made.

And if you live in the DFW area and are looking for fun outings for you and you kids, check out my reviews at www.kidfriendlydfw.wordpress.com.


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