That’s True Though

The P is pretty honest. He confessed that he played a prank on a girl at school.

Trying to gauge the severity of the prank, I ask what the girl’s face looked like when she found she had been pranked.

He said, “Kinda funny surprised”

“Could you show me with your face?”

“Um. No. Girls are too complicated.”


Aren’t they teaching you anything at that school?

The Princess is in a two-day per week preschool now.  She likes it.

Most of her stories about school follow this formula:

Caring Adult: Did you have fun at school today?

Princess: Yes.  Everyone (insert normal preschool activity here).

Caring Adult: That’s great.  Did you (insert normal preschool activity again)?

Princess: No, I just watched.

This is how it goes.

Last week, the Princess said, “Everyone jumped like a frog.  But I did not jump.  I did not know how to jump like a frog. ”  Then, “I will ask brother to teach me how.”

And he did.  It was really cute, and he was very proud to teach her a new, very important skill.

Back to School, Ring the Bell

We are back to school!  At least, The P is back.  His school started a little early.

It’s a different sort of school.  With this schedule, we have a little more time in the mornings to do homework or fill in the gaps for classes that this new school does not have.

For example, we want him to learn Spanish.  He wants to learn art.  So I told him we would learn Spanish and art in the mornings.

Last night, he said he wanted me to teach him about the parts of his body because he was pretty sure his science teacher was not going to talk about that.  And he wanted to start with his brain.

So, we dropped Spanish for a day and combined art with biology.  Luckily, I had an old A&P book in the closet that I never sold back.  It has Apolo Ohno speed skating on the cover.  He was just on TV here recently, so it made me feel not that old.

I read up on brains and brain parts.  A brain has 4 major parts, in case you were wondering.  I reviewed the parts with The P and talked generally about what each part does.  This was our biology lesson.

Then, we talked about drawing people in action and making sure that the whole person was doing the action so that it looks more believable.  This was the art lesson.  We used our cereal box for examples of a really well drawn honey bee.

Next, we combined it.  He drew several pictures of people and animals doing different things.  Then we talked about what parts of their brains were controlling their actions.

Does a first grader really need to know the difference between his cerebral cortex and his cerebellum?  No.  Probably not.  But when he was younger, he asked if boys could be doctors, too.  I told him that it was possible, but you have to study really hard.  So, the studying begins now.  I’ll thank myself when he is flying me to Hawaii with all the money he made as a brain surgeon.

I don’t know if he’ll really fly me to Hawaii.  But I will certainly make up for the money I lost not selling back this Apolo Ohno A&P book.  For sure.

Let the Games Begin…

Best Quotes during the opening ceremonies:

The P: Mom! I just saw Abraham Lincoln.
Me: No, I don’t think you did.
The P: Well, it was George Washington or somebody.


The P: (when the glowing Olympic rings formed over the arena) I’m crying, and I don’t know why.

I’m sure there will be more in the coming days. He is getting into this Olympics thing. Stay tuned.

What do your kids do at work all day?

I only have a couple of FAQs in my life.  This one comes up during this type of conversation:

Random Person: Oh, you work full-time.  What do your kids do?

Me: They spend some days at their Grandma’s house, and some days they get to come with me to work.

Random Person: What?  What do they do they do at work all day?

Well, this week, I’m answering that question…with pictures.

They do clerical odd jobs:


Sorting envelopes together

They make crafts:


The Princess shows off her Riddler mask, custom made for her by her brother.

They search for Waldo:


The P explains the concept of “Where’s Waldo” to The Princess.

They generally have a good time:


There you have it.  A day in the life of The Princess and The P.

The Big Secret

The P and I were going to Wendy’s to pickup lunch the other day. We were discussing what drinks they have available.

The P doesn’t care for carbonated drinks, so we do a lot of juices and lemonades. Wendy’s doesn’t carry juice, so I reminded him that they have lemonade.

A block or so later, The P prepares to drop the bombshell, “Mom, I’ve been keeping a secret from you for a long, long time.”

Woah. “Ok, Buddy. You can tell me anything.”

“I don’t like lemonade.”


I made it through kindergarten graduation without bawling.


I only cried a little.


They led with a slide show accompanied by a song I had never heard before. It was a woman singing, “don’t ever grow up,” and other similar heart wrenching lyrics. I just tuned it out and stayed strong.

Then all 80 kindergarteners, in unison, recited the cutest poem:

“Remember last fall
We were so small
Look at us now
We’ve grown so tall…”

That kind of thing.

I stayed strong.

Then, they all sang the song “New York, New York” with lyrics altered for a kindergarten graduation.

“Start spreading the news,
We’re leaving today.
We want to be a part of it
First grade, First grade”

It continued.

Due to technical difficulties, they sang this song 3 times.

At the end of the last song, the P’s best girl friend sang a solo. That’s when I lost it a little.

My dad pointed out that we only have six more graduations to go: 6th grade, junior high, high school, college, med school, and law school.

None of those could be as cute as this one was.