That’s True Though

The P is pretty honest. He confessed that he played a prank on a girl at school.

Trying to gauge the severity of the prank, I ask what the girl’s face looked like when she found she had been pranked.

He said, “Kinda funny surprised”

“Could you show me with your face?”

“Um. No. Girls are too complicated.”


You Might Have a Big Brother if…#3

While this little princess was playing with her Batman/Penguin Submarine, she was overheard shouting this:

Hey, Riddlar, you in theya? Hey Riddlar!

Ah…the things she has learned from her big brother.

The other awesome thing she picked up on was because of a recent purchase. We just bought a Wii. Since the P was born 6 years ago, we have not had video games in the house, but recently, BabyDaddy got to play on a Wii with the P at Mimi’s house. The Wii, as everyone else in the universe knows, is actually really interactive and fun for families. It’s a far, far cry from the sitting by yourself in the dark first person shooters that we grew up with. (I know this sounds just like the Newsradio when Bill discovers rap music 2 decades too late…or the summer when I discovered that Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a good writer (2010). (Yeah. And I studied Spanish Literature in college. I’m still not sure how I missed him.) I know that literally everyone else knows the Wii is fun, but seriously, we didn’t want one until about three weeks ago.)

So, anyway, we got a Wii, and the P loves to play this Sonic game. He was playing and finally got to Level 3. The P says, “Yes! I’m on Level 3!”

And the Princess says, “Boss level?”

I was like, “Time to turn off the Wii.”

So we read books the rest of the day. But not Marquez. We prefer Scieszka and Shannon for the kids.

And, yes, in the picture above, she is wearing Target froggie footie pajamas and a BabyGap sweater over it.  That’s how she rolls.  It’s really hard to get her out of her “jamas.”  And, as you know I’m not one to argue over fashion.

How Boys and Girls are Different #2

The P and I have a little struggle that’s been going on for a while. I often drive him home after dark and he always wants to leave his interior light on in the car. One hundred percent of the time, he leaves the light on. Ninety percent of the time, I forget about it, too, and the light stays on until my husband comes home and says, “The light is on. ” after which the P runs out and turns it off.

The Princess noticed.

Now, when we are getting out of the car, the Princess says, “Bubba, ‘ight.” We both laugh and tell her thank you.

It’s becoming a pattern.

The other day, we were having a picnic in the living room. When Princess was done, she stood up, carried her plate into the kitchen, and put it in the sink.

No joke.

Then, she called me over and pointed at the cat’s empty bowl, “‘ood.”. She opened the cabinet under the sink, took out the Tupperware container with the cat food and together we fed the cat. Then, she says, “‘ink” and hands me the cat’s water bowl. I got the cat water, and Princess was so pleased.

I almost fell over.

I can’t tell if she’s going to turn out OCD, responsible, or bossy. But, seriously, it’s pretty great. As long as the P keeps thinking it’s cute when she tells him what to do, we’ll be okay.

Here’s the Princess taking care of her baby doll while she watches her stories.