A Blog? Seriously?

So, I’ve started a blog.

I’ve avoided blogging now for so many years. The weird thing is, I kind of did “blog” back in high school. For a short time, I sent emails to my friends that read a lot like blogs do now…little rants and goings on about my life. And I still do send out occasional emails to certain friends who have asked to be updated on the kids, etc. But an online dairy? Although I have a couple that I read and like, I’ve always told myself no, I should not do this. Why? This is why:

1. Blogs are narcissistic.

I still believe this. I remember in High School, my dear European History teacher telling us about a period of history, Victorian, I think, when all of the upper class women were writing their autobiographies because “I’m interesting – and you must think I’m worth reading about.” That sounded so tacky. And it so embodies the blog movement.

So, am I admitting that I’m a tad self-absorbed? No. I would never admit that. But I am already sending emails to people – and that’s perhaps more intrusive than just posting little life tidbits on a blog and letting my friends and family read at their leisure.

So now I’m blogging. And if anyone else out there find joy in the little stories of our life, I’m glad to share.

2. Blogs create privacy issues.

I was a regular Facebooker until about a year ago. If you were watching the press, you saw the litany of articles that said the same thing over and over: “Oops- another app found a back door that can steal your personal information! Sorry folks. But it’s okay – We fixed it.” Great. I feel confident about this.

So, I ditched Facebook. And I didn’t just delete my account. I changed my name, birthday, and current location to random places and dates. To quote the Glamorous Newlywed, “My paranoia is well documented.”

A blog about our lives clearly contradicts my Facebook stance. But get this, I recently got an iPhone. It’s the first smart phone I’ve ever had and this phone knows everything about me! It knows when I have events at my kid’s school, it knows where I work, and it knows how many calories I ate today. If anyone could hack my phone, they would get way more information than was ever on Facebook. This does worry me a little, but I’m not getting rid of my phone. I need my phone. So I can’t really complain about privacy issues anymore.

Besides, I’m changing all our names for the blog so that should be okay.

3. Blogs take up time.

They do. This is actually a really good reason not to blog. But we’re going to try it out anyway.

4. Blogs need photos and photos are a pain to manage.

With my old digital SLR, this is still true..but remember my new iPhone? I’m taking pictures like a crazy person now. I’ve only had the phone for about a month and I’ve taken more than 400 pictures. I could load any of them onto this blog right now! And I might! Later.

Anyway, the picture thing is a non-issue now. Thank you, Mr. Jobs. You made my life better.

And now, I present to you: Life with the Princess and the P.