You know when you pick up your drink, and you think it’s Dr. Pepper, but then when you take a big gulp, it’s really Coke, and you like Coke, but not when you were expecting Dr. Pepper, and you kind of gag?

I got the P a beef snack stick the other day, mostly because I like to say “beef snack stick,” and he said he wanted one.

So, he opens it, takes a big bite, kind of made a face, and says, “I thought this was a fruity thing.”

It made my stomach turn a little to think that he was expecting some kind of dried fruit snack, and he got dried cow.  I said, “I am so sorry.  I know that must be really, really disappointing.”

Then he goes, “Well, it’s okay.  You know I love meat.”

I did not know that, exactly.  But now I do.