A Little About Easter and the Dentist

We do love Easter.

We celebrate the risen Lord, and we get lots and lots of Easter Eggs.

The place where I work holds a giant Easter Egg Hunt the weekend of Easter and then there is an Easter Egg Hunt at church on Easter Day.

We love big buses. On the way home from the big egg hunt.

This means lots of candy stashed at our house.

On the way to school on Monday, I found the stash in the car.

It’s everywhere.

I don’t mind my kids eating candy, but the Thursday after Easter, The Princess had her dental checkup.  I was so nervous.  But she passed.  They didn’t even mention the Now and Later stuck to her 2-year molar.

I’m doing my part to get rid of the candy.  The best part is that I saw a new doctor recently, and his scale is 4 lbs. less than every other scale that I’ve used this year.  And at the end of the appointment, I got a print out of my current diagnosis and treatment *and* weight…on his scale.  So I have it in writing, and I am unashamed to be eating whatever candy I like.  I just leave the eggs so the kids don’t notice the decreased volume in their baskets.

I have a couple of year’s experience with this sort of thing…