Christmas is coming

We decorated tonight and I’m really sad that I already ordered our Christmas cards because this just happened:



Llama Mama, New Pajamas

Someone bought these sweet Phineas and Ferb pajamas for P for Christmas.  He really loves Phineas and Ferb.  P told me, “These pajamas are so soft.  They feel just like how Phineas and Ferb feel to my heart.”

Christmas Parent Fail

At church last week, I took a really small Christmas Tree to decorate with the church kids. My son wanted to help carry stuff from the car, so he grabbed the tree from the car, ran ahead of me, and disappeared around the corner to the front door of the church. He reappeared while I was crossing the parking lot and announced “The tree is ready!”

Then he ran off to play with the other kids.

When I got to the door, the little 3 footer was sitting on the sidewalk right by the door. I unlocked the church and carried the tree in. I set it on a table.

The P runs by the front door in a minute and stops in shock.

P: Mama, where did the tree go?
Me: I put it inside. On this table.
P: Why?
Me: To decorate the church.
P: Oh. Christmas trees go inside?
Me: (Can’t talk. Soul crushed)

So, the thing is, for the past 4 years, we’ve had some combination of dog, cat or baby that made a tree seem unmanageable. Whenever I thought of putting one up, images of broken ornament glass on the floor and constantly grabbing the Princess up from the threat of a falling pine danced in my head. Combine that with the fact that my husband and I work about 80 hours per week at Christmas time and you just have a family that has let the Christmas decroating go by the wayside. Plus the cat, you know, would be knocking the ornaments all around. These are good reasons.

I should also point out that for the past several years, we’ve spent Christmas Eve with my inlaws, so all of the gift giving and most other festivities happens at their house.

But now my kid is the poor kid that never knew about Christmas Trees. We’re like a Hallmark special.

I called my husband immediately. He called his mom immediately and got his favorite Christmas cookie recipes. After work I picked up the ingredients and we all made cookies that night. And what does that make? A new Christmas tradition.

And, yes, we put up a tree. It’s a six footer, prelit.

Every day we added ornaments that P and I made together or that he brought from school. We have ornaments left over from pre-kid days, but whenever I asked about getting them out, P would ask if we could make paper chains instead.

This ornament is the best:


Merry Christmas!

Update: The cat with the tree is still a problem. As I write this, I’m batting her away from the tree because she’s trying to eat the “prelit” branches. One of our ornaments needs to be a can of quarters so it will be handy to shake. If anyone has ideas about cat-proofing your tree, pass them on.

Christmas Wishes

Our P had not made an official Christmas list as far as I was aware, so I asked him on the way home one night what he thought he might want. This was his list:

Transformer coloring books, but the kind with not just pictures, but mazes and stuff, too.
A satchel with superhero logos.
A spy backpack.

Follow up questions:

Me: Dear, what’s a satchel?
P: It’s like a purse, but it’s for boys and you carry it over you shoulder, like this. (We were driving, so I didn’t see it either.)

Yes. My son wants a European Carry-all.

Me: What do you mean by spy backpack?
P: Like a backpack, but the sides come out like cup holders and you can hide stuff in there. And a zipper could come around like this. (Again, driving in the dark. No idea what he’s doing with his hands.)
Me: Is this something you saw?
P: No. Do you think we could make it?
Me: Draw me a picture.

Do I really think we will make a spy backpack? No. I don’t. This conversation happened a month ago and I still haven’t seen a picture.

But I did find an old brown camera case that could very possibly be a European Carry-all. And this week I’ll purchase felt so we can try to make our own superhero patches together on Christmas Day. I’ll post pictures if it turns out cute.

How can you say no to coloring books and superhero patches?

And yesterday, I gave the princess an early present: a set of hair clips. For about 5 minutes she carried them around going, “Ohhh. Aaawwwe. Wow. “. This might be the best Christmas so far.