Go Home Team!

I realized yesterday that the Super Bowl is today.  We do not spend much energy keeping up with professional sports.  I do like to watch a good ball game with a close finish (which means I’m not really interested until the last 5 minutes).  I like to eat spinach dip at Super Bowl parties.  But I do not keep up with which team is on their way to the Super Bowl.

I happen to know who it is this year because it was in the headlines when I opened my computer.

The kids used to only hear about sports or pop culture from us, but now that the P is in school, I thought he might have heard about the big game from a friend so I asked him:

Me: Did you know the Super Bowl is tomorrow?

P: The Super Ball?

Me: No.  Super Bowl.

P: Super Bowl?  No.  Is it like a Super Ball?

Me:  Super Ball makes more sense.  The call it Super Bowl because…well, I don’t know what they call it Super Bowl.  It involves a ball and –

P: Is that when they throw the ball really high into the air?

Me:  What?  No. Well, maybe.  It’s when the two best football teams play each other.  It’s tomorrow.  I don’t remember which teams –

P: Oh.  Anyone we know?

Me: No. No one we know.

He immediately lost what little interest he had in the conversation when he realized we didn’t know any of the players.  Which is fine with us.  Tonight we’ll probably watch a Pixar movie and do laundry.  And I might make some dip.