Baby, It’s Cold Outside

And you need gloves laced with connective thread.

In November, we had a little cold snap. I found my trusty black gloves (This is the first year I remember that I didn’t have to go buy gloves! I found last year’s pair. Go me.), put them on and went outside. Before I was off the porch, my phone rang. This is my first winter with an iPhone so I was not prepared for the frustration of trying to answer a call with gloves on. It’s not possible! As soon as I could, I googled “Gloves for iPhone” and “Use touchscreen with gloves on” and I found the most amazing product: conductive thread.

If you take about 6 inches of conductive thread and stitch it into the fingertips of your leather or fabric gloves, you can use your touchscreen with your gloves on. These also work on touch screens at the store. I would imagine they would also work for everyone who has to work at a restaurant drive-thru with a touch sceen cash register.

Here is my fingertip:

These are tips I have for stitching your own fingertip:

1. The snugger the gloves, the better.
2. The more thread exposed on the inside of the glove touching your finger, the better.
3. The closer the exposed star or square is in size to the size of your phone’s keyboard letters, the more accurate your typing will be.

Where to find the thread:

1. Ebay – Some folks sell a couple of feet of thread for a few bucks. Per yard, this is the most expensive way.
2. You can get 75 yards for about $40 (including shipping). That’s where I bought mine. It came quick.

I bought 75 yards because I knew I would not have a shortage of friends with iPhones and gloves. Plus, if I ever do decide I’m done, I can sell it by the foot on Ebay and make a killing.

If you are a friend reading this, bring your gloves by, and I’ll make you a star. If you are interested in purchasing a pair, check Etsy. When I was searching I found a woman there selling some already made gloves with designs much cuter than mine for $10.