Short Days

Now, I don’t see the other kindergartener’s behavior sheets, so I’m not really able to compare my son with his peers, which is good. I don’t think I’m supposed to be doing that anyway. Right? Right.

But, when other parents and teacher-friends have caught a glance of the color scheme of his behavior sheet, they tend to say, “Oh, my. Can I see that?” And then they grab the folder to read his teacher’s comments.

At P’s school, like most kindergarten classes, everyday, everyone starts on green, and then for warnings they move to yellow, then, if the warning doesn’t help, to red.

For the record, P is getting better.

Last week for the Christmas break, he only went to school one full day and one half day. On Monday, I pointed out to him that he would get out early on Tuesday.

P: Oh good. It’s easier to get a green on a half day.
Me: Is it?
P: Oh yeah. It’s like you’ll have a good morning, but then you think, I’ll be bad this afternoon. But then, you just go home! There is no afternoon!

Then we talked about how, maybe, it would be better to think, “I’ll be good this afternoon.” He acknowledged this.

But, then again, I think we can all agree that if days were shorter, we might be a bit better behaved, too.