The Hang-it-all That Started It All

A few months ago, I was searching eBay for a little coat rack. The one I had looked good in our living room 2 houses ago, but it wasn’t working in the kids’ play area by the back door.

Searching eBay wasn’t working out. I wanted something playful and something that matched my curtains but I was having trouble with just the right search terms for that. After a while, I googled “DIY coat rack” and I found the Eames Hang-it-all. Well, really, I found Thompson Family Life that described how to make a coat rack based on the awesome Eames design. After you see the Eames Hang-it-all, you know you’ve got to have it, but when you see the price tag, you know you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. Danielle’s tutorial calls for a vice and a drill which are scary at first, but you can totally do it.

I made mine almost exactly like she did. I just used acrylic paint instead of spray paint, and to let the balls dry, I made a rack from lumps of polymer clay and toothpicks. Also, I used a smaller drill bit so the balls are very snug, but removable in case I want to change my color scheme later. The whole process was not anywhere near as cute as the Thompson’s, but I do like the way it turned out. It’s just what I had in mind:


However, in practice, in the winter time, it really looks like this:

But that’s fine, too. It keeps our coats off the couch. That was the point.

And the great thing about the hang-it-all project is that it opened my eyes to all the DIY resources on the web. Since hang-it-all, I’ve made a nightstand kitchenette, coasters, a knitted purse, and I’m working on a play house for the P’s action figures. (Let’s be clear. It’s not a dollhouse.)

Almost all of these projects came from a need and a quick google search.

My husband calls these DIY spells “monomanias.” They tend to occupy my time and our kitchen counters.

They also yield cute, cheap Christmas gifts and home decor.

Stay tuned for more fun monomanias.

My one issue with Hang-it-all is that I was restricted to the shape of the Rubbermaid coat rack. But recently, I’ve become aware of this magical stuff called JB Weld. It sounds like the perfect thing to use to make your own metal rack. I will not have time to play with this idea for a couple of months, so if anyone out there knows about JB Weld – please share.