Yes/No Questions = 50/50

If you ask a 2 year old, “Do you love me?” you are taking a pretty big risk of getting your feelings hurt.

We were tired of getting our feelings hurt. So now we ask questions like this.

These answers are pretty consistent:

Anyone: Who do you love?
The Princess: I love Ernie.

(Ernie is the man I sit next to at work. The Princess comes to work with me at least twice a week and draws him pictures and visits with him. She loves him more than anyone right now.)

Anyone: Who is your best friend?
The Princess: Jake.

(Jake works with me at the apartment church. The Princess sees him about once a week for an hour. It’s insane that he’s the best friend…but he does take her to swing at the apartment playgound whenever she wants. She can be bought.)

And recently, Shirley was looking for gift ideas for the upcoming birthday, and she asked the Princess this:

Shirley: What do you like to play with?
The Princess: Bubba.

(Useless for birthday gift idea, but pretty cute for Bubba.)

Where does this leave Mama and Daddy? You’ll notice we were not the right answers to any of these questions. In fact, now if we declare our love for Princess, it goes like this:

Us: I love you!
The Princess: I love Ernie.

It seems our odds were better with the yes/no questions.

20120130-223425.jpgThe Princess pre-first haircut (no bangs).