Uh, It’s a Goat

I’m not very good at watching movies.

The main problem is I don’t pay attention so I ask a lot of questions and, in some ways, ruin the movie for whoever I’m watching it with because I interrupt so much.  It’s usually my husband.  He doesn’t complain about it as much now.  I think he’s adjusting.

But the other problem I have is that sometimes I can’t just sit back and remember that it’s movie and movies are magical.

This is all leading up to this example:

We were watching The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe the other day.  To refresh your memory, in Narnia, it’s always winter, never Christmas, so it’s snowy and cold the first time that Lucy steps foot into the magical world and meets James McAvoy, who is amazing as Mr. Tumnus, somehow really cute even with the fake fawn nose and ears.

I don’t know why I had not noticed before, but if you watch Mr. Tumnus, you’ll see he has a scarf for the winter cold, but no sweater.  What is this about?  Why would he bother with a scarf, but not put on even a light jacket?  It’s snowing outside!

Look at him!

(Image from Wikipedia. Copyright, Walt Disney Corporation)

He’s freezing!

So, I mention, “Hey, where’s his jacket?  Isn’t it too cold to not have a top on?”

The P says, “Uh, it’s a goat.”

Thanks P.  He’s a man-goat.  Obviously, I need to suspend reality a little here.  That’s fine.