Bringing up a Diva

I do not remember the age that the P started to pickup on rhyming.

I do remember thinking that he was so into it that I should really encourage his inner poet, so I pulled out the best of the best modern poet, Bob Dylan.

I remember thinking that I had successfully passed on good music genes when the P asked, “Can we listen to that song about I’m sleepy and there is no place I’m going to?”

I almost cried. I’m serious.

I don’t know if Bob Dylan’s influence has made my son a better poet. I do know that it didn’t hurt, now we can both sing along to Tambourine Man, and it’s very special for both of us.

Now there is the subject of the Princess. This girl can’t rhyme yet, but she loves to sing- all the time. She’s always humming to herself and has already written a song.

It goes, “oh, dada.” But there are alternative versions out there on video. If she likes you well enough, she’ll sub your name for “dada,” too.

What’s the best thing to listen to when you are a budding soprano?

Opera, of course.

We’ve been listening to opera on Pandora. Opera is nap time magic.

On opera days, she is asleep in about 2 minutes, not to mention more cultured.

I love my little diva.

Look at her. Doesn’t it look like she’s about to throw a plate of strawberries and cheese across the room?

Not to worry. Aretha, Carole King and Adele are on our top ten list, too. But they are more for dancing in the kitchen. Not so much for nap time.

And here is a little preview of the Princess’ birthday gift:

More coming soon!