Big News…

Godzilla lives.

I was feeling pretty confident when our/my little brother’s box turtle survived the hot Texas summer…but I became worried when December came, and it was so very cold.  I had plans to move him to an indoor aquarium or Rubbermaid container (That’s legit.  Check out turtle care sites.), but it got too cold before I could put together a cat-proof box.

So it was either possible death by cold, or certain death by cat.

What we did was put lots and lots of dried leaves in Godzilla’s enclosure.  We added more before each cold snap.  He burrowed under the leaves and buried himself in the dirt just a bit for several weeks, emerging to eat when it warmed up.

I checked on him throughout the winter.  I was so preoccupied, in fact, that my sister encouraged me to give up my turtle checking for Lent since it seemed to take up so much of my time.

The problem with checking on Godzilla in the winter is that when he’s half buried in the dirt, he kind of looks dead.  It’s hard to tell.  But earlier this week, he was out and about.  I actually saw his face.  Hurrah!

More later…maybe with an update on the kids…


Sometimes dogs do that

This week, The Princess came home with the following story:

“Today, I played peek-a-boo with Molly. ”
(Molly is grandma’s dog who is blind. Can’t see a thing.)

“Really?,” I said, “How did that go?”

“She just looked at me,” She shrugged, “Sometimes dogs do that.”

Here, The P makes friends with the Salvation Army bell ringing dog. Our kids just love dogs.

The Tomatoes Live

We have had 6 tomatoes so far. The Princess ate one and said, “I do not like these.” The P picked his and left them on the counter. I ended up eating all of them myself, which is fine considering I was the only one watering them.

But now, we are close to having three more tomatoes ready, and I have a new friend to share them:
Here’s Godzilla. He lives in our backyard.

Look to the left.

Look to the right.

Godzilla moved in on Saturday at 4:00. By 8am the next morning, I had found him on his back 4 times and 25% more of my hair has turned gray.

We are hoping the flipping ends soon. Sunday, he didn’t flip during the day, but he also didn’t eat or move. By the evening, he was eating, and I found him soaking this morning. That’s good, I suppose.

If any turtle lovers find this blog and have any suggestions, please share.

Happy Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

It’s true. January 22nd is “Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day.”

You can Google it.

The funny part to me is that “questions” is plural.

In honor of this, I will tell our cat, and you, how our cat got her name. She’s been wondering.

This picture was not posed. I went looking for her to get a shot for this post and this is how I found her:

20120115-233253.jpgShe is literally unable to find her way out of a brown paper bag.

My husband took my son to the pound to pick out a cat. As you can see, she’s all black and fluffy.

On the way home, BabyDaddy asks P what he thinks they should name the cat. These are examples of his suggestions, keeping in mind the color of the cat: Black, Blacky, Shadow, BlackBlack. The list went on.

Then, they passed a seafood restaurant. The next name our of our son’s mouth was “Fish.”

So, we kept it. We have a cat named Fish.

And, yes, our 2-year-old is confused by this. She calls every cat “fish.” She says that fish say “Meow.” But she also calls the real fish in the tank at the doctors’ office “fish.”

She’s pretty smart, though. I think she’ll sort it out.

The really crazy part is, I named my first hamster after a street sign I saw on the way home from the pet shop. Every time my kid does something that reminds me of the crazy part of me, I just have to apologize.

And it kind of happens alot.

When the P was only 3, we went some place with a helium balloon. It did what most helium balloons do in the hands of 3 years olds. It wiggled free and floated away. My son was upset, you can imagine, and we talked about how the balloon probably traveled to Oklahoma to see his aunt and uncle. We talked about how far away Oklahoma is.

Fast forward 6 months.

Another 3-year-old boy we know had just returned from the dentist with a helium balloon. We were walking with this friend and his dad. The dad said, “You hold on to that balloon because if it floats away, I will not be able to get it back.” My son looks at both of them with complete sincerity and says, “Oklahoma is far away.” The dad looks at P, then at me and goes, “Okaaaay…”

I don’t remember if I explained to the dad about why P thought of Oklahoma’s position when thinking of a helium balloon. I do remember thinking, “I’m so sorry kid. Some day you’ll learn to control that around strangers.”

How Boys and Girls are Different #2

The P and I have a little struggle that’s been going on for a while. I often drive him home after dark and he always wants to leave his interior light on in the car. One hundred percent of the time, he leaves the light on. Ninety percent of the time, I forget about it, too, and the light stays on until my husband comes home and says, “The light is on. ” after which the P runs out and turns it off.

The Princess noticed.

Now, when we are getting out of the car, the Princess says, “Bubba, ‘ight.” We both laugh and tell her thank you.

It’s becoming a pattern.

The other day, we were having a picnic in the living room. When Princess was done, she stood up, carried her plate into the kitchen, and put it in the sink.

No joke.

Then, she called me over and pointed at the cat’s empty bowl, “‘ood.”. She opened the cabinet under the sink, took out the Tupperware container with the cat food and together we fed the cat. Then, she says, “‘ink” and hands me the cat’s water bowl. I got the cat water, and Princess was so pleased.

I almost fell over.

I can’t tell if she’s going to turn out OCD, responsible, or bossy. But, seriously, it’s pretty great. As long as the P keeps thinking it’s cute when she tells him what to do, we’ll be okay.

Here’s the Princess taking care of her baby doll while she watches her stories.