Saturday of Fun: Part 2

The playground was not the second surprise location, but we did go play for a while. My one very clear childhood memory of Trinity Park was this giant red pyramid made of ropes. It had to have been 2 stories tall. My older brother would always make it to the top, but I never could.

I have heard that they took that pyramid down because too many people fell off and got hurt. I do not know if this is true. I do know that Trinity Park has a lot of very safe playground equipment now. Every landing is caged in nicely so no one can fall out. But we found one piece of equipment that I had not seen at a playground in a long time…

Princess rode her first merry-go-round. This was not my idea. There was a 7-year-old pushing it and I was not so confident that the Princess could hold on by herself, so I sat with her and about ten other kids. I was the only adult on the merry-go-round. There were 4 parents standing near the merry-go-round to catch flyaways. This skinny kid I was sitting next to told me, “I fell off one of these last year and broke my leg.” His mom was one of the 4 watching everyone. She confirmed, kid did break his kneecap being thrown from a merry-go-round. Lovely.

We spun around a few times. Then a kid fell off, and all the other moms agreed it was time to go do something else. I talked the Princess into getting down because circles make me sick. She didn’t like it, but we went on to the swings.

She insisted that I push her from the front so that we could talk. I asked what she wanted to talk about and she said “Baby Jesus.” So we talked about Baby Jesus, hopefully loud enough so that the other swingers could hear.

The only way I could get the Princess to leave the park was to make a promise. We were going to see some animals.

More to come…

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