The Extra Mile (just kidding…we only ran one.)

The P has been asking for months if he can please run in a race. We’ve been waiting for a good one-mile fun run, and today one finally came up.

It was a race for kids age 12 and under, but the oldest kid was probably 9. There were maybe 30 other kids there. The group pretty quickly separated in to 2 packs. We started at the back of the fastest pack, then we found ourselves at the front, then the middle, of the slow pack. By the time we reached the finish, there were maybe, 5 people behind us, but we could only see one person in front of us, so we came in 2nd, according to P.

Starting a week before this race, I started telling P, “If we finish, we win!” He would repeat that, but I could tell he was not internalizing it.  We stayed at the finish line to cheer on the last runners, but P started greeting them all by saying, “Hey, I beat you!”  We moved on.

Before the race, a nice man asked us if we wanted to make a sign. I let the P design it:


We are pretty creative sometimes.

Before the race, P asked me when we would run the 3 mile race.  Then, about halfway through today’s race, P says, “Nevermind. I do not want to run 3 miles.”  At least we could still talk through all the huffing and puffing.  We’ll try another 1 mile sometime and maybe I’ll let him make a sign for my first 5K.

In other news, I finally got my “I love you!”  It was unsolicited.  I didn’t even say it first, and it came with a hug.  Then, later in the day, the P was having some self-doubt because the Princess was having an independent streak.  Brother was not allowed to push her on the swing or catch her on the slide or anything.  So, in his distress, he asked, “Do you still love me?”  This question is usually a “yes” or “no” question, and the chance of getting a yes is 50%.  But this time, she said “I wuv you, Bubba.”  We were so pleased.