Before the Dawn…or Breaking Dawn? Too Stinking Early for Math Anyway.

This does not happen often at all, but last night, the P had a bad dream.  It was so bad, that he had to come into BabyDaddy’s and my room to sleep between us.  This is fine.  We don’t mind, because it really hardly ever happens.

When it has happened before, the P just falls back to sleep and sleeps straight through all of the getting ready/getting dressed noises and wakes up at his usual 7 am.

Not so this morning.

About 3 am, the P came in, very upset by this nightmare.  We told him to come in and lay down, so he did.

Then he wiggled for about 2 and a half hours, mostly affecting BabyDaddy’s side of the bed.

Finally, BabyDaddy gave up on sleep and got up to take a shower, so the P rolled over to breathe in my face for a little while.

Now, my normal morning routine is to sleep in until BabyDaddy is out of the shower.  This is a good excuse to sleep in (I have to take a shower to wake up, right?  So I’ll just lay here until he’s out…). Well, this morning, it didn’t work…at all.

A good 30 minutes before I would normally even have to think about getting up, the P goes “Hey.  I can’t sleep.  I haven’t been asleep since I came in here.”

Me: (eyes closed) Really?

P: Yeah.  I had a really bad dream.  I can’t even tell you about it.

Me: Oh, I’m sorry, honey. (pats son’s head gently with eyes closed)

P: I’m afraid to go back to sleep.

Me: Wow.  That must have been some dream.

P: Yeah.  Hey, let’s practice counting!

Me: Oh, yeah.  What?

P: Let’s count to 100 by fives!

Me:  Okay, baby…Go ahead.

P: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30…(I assume he finished.  I fell asleep here.)

P: Your turn, Mama.

Me: Uh, I need a turn, huh?  Oh yeah.  I need a turn.  Okay, here I go…(mumble out numbers to 100.  Immediately crash from mental exhaustion.)

P:  Okay good.  Now let’s count by 2’s.  2, 4, 6, 8…(Mama falls asleep again.)

P:  You’re turn, Mama.

Me: Right.  Yes.  My turn.  By 2’s? Uh, 2, 4, 6, 8…(I really did it.  And then fell back to sleep for a second.)

P: 8, 12, 16, 20…hey, Mama, what would be next?  24?

Me: What are you doing?

P: Counting by 4’s to 100.  Why don’t you go first this time?

That was the last pattern we did.  Then the P said his stomach had growled 3 times, so it must be time for breakfast.

For the record, it was not time for breakfast, but we got up and ate anyway.  I abandoned all hope of sleep.  Now I understand Obama’s book.

In other news, the Princess turns two tomorrow!  Here she is in a new birthday shirt from Mimi:


And we already enjoyed pink birthday cake at Grandma’s house, birthday waffles with ice cream at Mimi’s house, and birthday cake at for her at my work.  I heard a rumor about birthday cupcakes at church tomorrow.  I bought cake mix to make the “blue castle cakes” that she’s been begging for.  We’re trying to fatten her up before her 2-year-old check-up next week.  I will let you know how it goes.