Why Girls are Awesome

It’s a dark and stormy night. The kids and I are camped out in the living room so we can be together during the thunder.

The P is already asleep, but the Princess is not at all tired. We chat about the picture on our wall. One is of my husband and me at our wedding.

The Princess snuggles next to me and says, “Tell me all about your wedding.”

Is this a ploy to stay up longer? Obviously. Is it effective? Of course.

And that’s why girls are awesome.


First Documented Haircut

This was not The Princess’ first haircut. I was bad and did not take a picture of that event. But it looked something like this. A dear friend at church cut it both times.

I didn’t take a picture of the first time because she was in my lap crying.

This was haircut two. She did much better.

She didn’t cry when the boy after her got his head shaved.

She was completely okay until brother got his haircut with the noisy clippers. We don’t like noises near our loved ones…or at all.


The Princess has been talking it up and showing her sass lately.

At Grandma’s, watching The Muppets:

The Princess: I want to see Fozzie Bear say, “Waka, waka.”
Grandma: Okay, he’s about to say it.  Listen.
The Princess (while Fozzie Bear is finally saying, “Waka, waka.”) I want to hear Fozzie Bear say, “Waka, waka!”
Grandma: He just said it.  You missed it because you were talking.  If you hush, you will hear him.
The Princess: I am not going to hush, and you have to watch this movie by you-self.

Ah…I can’t wait for adolescence.

In other news, I’m trying to join Facebook without joining Facebook.  To the right, you may see a “Like” button to like this blog. If you don’t see a “Like” button, I’ve done something wrong and I’ll try to fix it. It’s not you, it’s me.  I’m not sure how this will work or how it might benefit you.  It’s a little experiment.  Would you like to be a guinea pig?

Update: Yeah, the “Like” box is not to the right. I think to get to the “Like” button, you have to go to the home page. I’m not sure how to change that.

Catch a Falling Waffle…

The Princess loves waffles.

It’s getting a little ridiculous.

A friend at work told me that the other day, The Princess was sitting in a chair while I was at the copier.  This friend walked over to her to say hello and saw The Princess pull most of a waffle out of her pocket and begin to eat it.

I did not know that she had this waffle.  I’m sure it must have been left over from breakfast.

The following day, The Princess asked BabyDaddy to help her stick her leftover waffle in her pocket.  BabyDaddy asked why.  The answer:

“Save it for a rainy day.”

Not sure why we do the things we do..

So, we really did have a rainy day here recently.  A couple of tornados came through town and most of the damage was a few miles from the P’s school.  Everyone is safe; homes are being repaired.  My favorite thing was The P’s teacher.  She told all of her 20 kindergarteners that if they would sit quietly in the cafeteria, the tornado would not be able to hear them and they would all be safe.  This is pure genius.  They were stuck in that cafeteria for more than an hour but The P thought it was just a fun movie hour.  He had no fear.

 More Later…

Saturday of Fun – Part 3

We all got off okay and were off to the second surprise: The Fort Worth Nature Center.

When we were at Disney World, we visited the Conservatory inside Animal Kingdom. We saw black rhinos, giraffes, elephants, alligators, and hippos. The Fort Worth Nature Center is great, but it has a little less variety. They keep bison and prairie dogs. That’s it. Just those two animals. And we didn’t see any bison. Welcome to Texas, y’all.

Honestly though, the center really was a fun visit. At the visitor’s center, there are lots of snake skins, bones, rocks and skulls that the kids are allowed to touch. And they keep a small number of frogs and snakes and one prairie dog indoors, so we spent a lot of time looking at those just in case we couldn’t find a prairie dog in the wild.

After we were bored looking at frogs, we started down the shortest hike. It was supposed to be 1.3 miles total, but part of the trail was closed, so we took a detour and I know that added another half mile to the trek. But on the hike, we did find a couple of prairie dogs and lots of grasshoppers, birds, and butterflies. Anytime we heard a rustle in the leaves, the P would stop and tell us both to hush. We would all listen carefully until a bird would fly out of the bushes. He thought he saw deer tracks and maybe an armadillo. This was a successful hike.

About halfway through, the Princess grabbed the map and started repeating, “The map say it’s time go home.” But she made it…mostly because I carried her for 90% of the trip…so when I say she made it, I mean, she didn’t have a complete breakdown on the trail.

Now, this is the part where I almost cried. I had brought a Moby Wrap with us because I’m a smart mom, and I anticipated carrying the Princess for the hike. It’s much easier to carry her in a wrap than with my arms. We have not used this wrap since last summer, but it’s supposed to hold children up to 35 lbs. The Princess barely weighs 23 lbs., so I knew she would fit.

When I started to put on the wrap, the Princess started to cry. She kept point at the fabric and saying, “No, not that. Not that.”

I said, “You want me to carry you, right?”


“But not in this thing?”


I knew it would be impossible to wrestle her into the carrier, so I put it away and just carried her in my arms. When we got home, I was rolling the Moby Wrap back up and asked the Princess, “You used to like to sit in here. Why don’t you like it anymore?”

She said, “I two.”

I said, “Oh, you’re a big girl.”

She said, “I not Baby Josey.”

In case you need to know, Baby Josey is a 8 month old that we know. The Princess is not Baby Josey, and she wants that to be known.

I didn’t really cry, but it was a close one.

Read my detailed review of Fort Worth Nature Center here.

House of Mirth

Three weeks ago, I promised sleepover stories, when I caught up on sleep.

It took three whole weeks.

The morning after the sleepover, in the middle of church, a pain began in my side that I immediately recognized as a kidney stone. It got much worse as the day went on.

That Monday, my NP diagnosed a kidney infection. I was on a strong antibiotic for 10 days. Today was my first day without any pain medicine.

In the days following my kidney diagnosis, the children took turns being ill. We had 105 degree fevers, vomiting, loss of appetite, and I think I understand what malaise is now. They continued to be diagnosed with “just a virus” which means you wait it out.

What all this means is, sleepover stories have gone by the wayside, but I’m bringing them back today.

We had Aunt Yaya and the P’s best friend over to sleep over and it was pretty much fun.  Yaya played with The Princess and played cards.  The boys played well with each other for short burst of time followed by mini-breakdowns of “I never want to see you again!”  In the end, they are still besties.

The best part was bedtime.  About 9pm, we told the boys it was time for bed.  They each took a couch, blanket and pillow.

At 10pm, they were still giggling.

At 10:30, I heard some wood creaking under little boy feet and I heard one of them whisper, “We are going to get in trouble for this…”

I decided to see what was going on.

As soon as I turned the corner, both little boys leaped back onto their couches.

This was cause for some rearrangement.  The P came to sleep on our floor and Little M stayed on his couch.  On the way to our room, The P said, “But, I said we were going to stay up all night!  I promised!”

They were both asleep within 5 minutes of the split.

The next day, we made the Princess “Blue Castle Cakes” because that’s what she wanted for her birthday.  When she first asked for a Blue Castle Cake, I had big Pintrest worthy plans.  When the time came, I realized she is two, and my time is limited.  So we made blue cupcakes with blue frosting (from scratch…which was so easy and tasted way better than canned frosting.) in silver cupcake wrappers.  The Princess thought they were 24 little blue castles.  And she can’t even count that high yet, so for her, it was like an infinite number of little blue castles.  Yummy.

Easy Homeade Frosting (this is a couple of recipes I found, combined):

1 Stick of softened butter (to soften the butter, keep it near the oven while you bake the cupcakes.)
About 1/3 pound of confectioners sugar
food coloring

Beat it

If you have a little Princess who is terrified of the mixer, let her Aunt Yaya hold her in the other room until you are done.

This is enough for 24 lightly-frosted cupcakes.  Because they were lightly frosted, they were low-fat.  I should write a health cookbook.

Since we are talking about The Princess’ birthday, here is a picture of her on her birthday:

She got a lot of books.

More later!  I have a lot of stories to catch up on.

Before the Dawn…or Breaking Dawn? Too Stinking Early for Math Anyway.

This does not happen often at all, but last night, the P had a bad dream.  It was so bad, that he had to come into BabyDaddy’s and my room to sleep between us.  This is fine.  We don’t mind, because it really hardly ever happens.

When it has happened before, the P just falls back to sleep and sleeps straight through all of the getting ready/getting dressed noises and wakes up at his usual 7 am.

Not so this morning.

About 3 am, the P came in, very upset by this nightmare.  We told him to come in and lay down, so he did.

Then he wiggled for about 2 and a half hours, mostly affecting BabyDaddy’s side of the bed.

Finally, BabyDaddy gave up on sleep and got up to take a shower, so the P rolled over to breathe in my face for a little while.

Now, my normal morning routine is to sleep in until BabyDaddy is out of the shower.  This is a good excuse to sleep in (I have to take a shower to wake up, right?  So I’ll just lay here until he’s out…). Well, this morning, it didn’t work…at all.

A good 30 minutes before I would normally even have to think about getting up, the P goes “Hey.  I can’t sleep.  I haven’t been asleep since I came in here.”

Me: (eyes closed) Really?

P: Yeah.  I had a really bad dream.  I can’t even tell you about it.

Me: Oh, I’m sorry, honey. (pats son’s head gently with eyes closed)

P: I’m afraid to go back to sleep.

Me: Wow.  That must have been some dream.

P: Yeah.  Hey, let’s practice counting!

Me: Oh, yeah.  What?

P: Let’s count to 100 by fives!

Me:  Okay, baby…Go ahead.

P: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30…(I assume he finished.  I fell asleep here.)

P: Your turn, Mama.

Me: Uh, I need a turn, huh?  Oh yeah.  I need a turn.  Okay, here I go…(mumble out numbers to 100.  Immediately crash from mental exhaustion.)

P:  Okay good.  Now let’s count by 2’s.  2, 4, 6, 8…(Mama falls asleep again.)

P:  You’re turn, Mama.

Me: Right.  Yes.  My turn.  By 2’s? Uh, 2, 4, 6, 8…(I really did it.  And then fell back to sleep for a second.)

P: 8, 12, 16, 20…hey, Mama, what would be next?  24?

Me: What are you doing?

P: Counting by 4’s to 100.  Why don’t you go first this time?

That was the last pattern we did.  Then the P said his stomach had growled 3 times, so it must be time for breakfast.

For the record, it was not time for breakfast, but we got up and ate anyway.  I abandoned all hope of sleep.  Now I understand Obama’s book.

In other news, the Princess turns two tomorrow!  Here she is in a new birthday shirt from Mimi:


And we already enjoyed pink birthday cake at Grandma’s house, birthday waffles with ice cream at Mimi’s house, and birthday cake at for her at my work.  I heard a rumor about birthday cupcakes at church tomorrow.  I bought cake mix to make the “blue castle cakes” that she’s been begging for.  We’re trying to fatten her up before her 2-year-old check-up next week.  I will let you know how it goes.