Catch a Falling Waffle…

The Princess loves waffles.

It’s getting a little ridiculous.

A friend at work told me that the other day, The Princess was sitting in a chair while I was at the copier.  This friend walked over to her to say hello and saw The Princess pull most of a waffle out of her pocket and begin to eat it.

I did not know that she had this waffle.  I’m sure it must have been left over from breakfast.

The following day, The Princess asked BabyDaddy to help her stick her leftover waffle in her pocket.  BabyDaddy asked why.  The answer:

“Save it for a rainy day.”

Not sure why we do the things we do..

So, we really did have a rainy day here recently.  A couple of tornados came through town and most of the damage was a few miles from the P’s school.  Everyone is safe; homes are being repaired.  My favorite thing was The P’s teacher.  She told all of her 20 kindergarteners that if they would sit quietly in the cafeteria, the tornado would not be able to hear them and they would all be safe.  This is pure genius.  They were stuck in that cafeteria for more than an hour but The P thought it was just a fun movie hour.  He had no fear.

 More Later…